"These two feelings, this knowledge of a world so awful, this sense of a life so extraordinary — how am I to resolve them?"
– Richard Flanagan, Gould’s Book of Fish: A Novel in Twelve Fish (with thanks to whiskey river)

The room is full
of the breath of the stories.

That is enough.

– Ko Un, from “Stories”, trans. from the Korean by Brother Anthony of Taizé and Lee Sang-Wha
"May I write words more naked than flesh,
stronger than bone, more resilient than
sinew, sensitive than nerve."
– Sappho
"The red leaves take the green leaves’ place, and the landscape yields. We go to sleep with the peach in our hands and wake with the stone, but the stone is the pledge of summers to come."
– Emily Dickinson, The Letters of Emily Dickinson
"Human feeling is like the mighty rivers that bless the earth: it does not wait for beauty — it flows with resistless force and brings beauty with it."
– George Eliot, Adam Bede, (with thanks to Love is a Place)

September’s Baccalaureate
A combination is
Of Crickets — Crows — and Retrospects
And a dissembling Breeze

That hints without assuming —
An Innuendo sear
That makes the Heart put up it’s Fun —
And turn Philosopher.

– Emily Dickinson, “J:1271”